Who we are

Selorattan.com is belong to CV.SELOAGRO. We are second generation of rattan baskets manufacturer. Estabilished on 1990 and located in Tangerang, Indonesia. We used to be a supplier for big rattan company in Indonesia. Since 2010 we started to export by ourself after registered as exporter company. CV.SELOAGRO supported by more than 100 skilled worker and we work hand in hand with all suppliers and business partner.

What we do

We produce various wicker baskets from home & decor products, planters, storage to bicycle baskets and accessories. All with natural rattan material and combine with natural fiber. We are open for custom made products & design.

What is our credo

We focus on quality from start to finished products to ensure our customer get the best wicker baskets they want. We offer best price, a very good workmanship and in timely manner

What is our market

We have been working with customers and buyers arround the world. Our customers are still with us since beginning and we are growing together with our customers. Our market spread from Australia and New Zealand to Hongkong & Taiwan. Our main market still in Europe. We are touching Africa in South Africa and now build the market in USA

Research & Development

We doing research and development for new baskets model, weaving style, coloring process and new material

Skilled Worker
Quality Products
Best Price & Timely Manner


CV.SELOAGRO registered as Exporter for Rattan baskets & Rattan Furniture

Indonesia Furniture Industry and Craft Association

Natural rattan material

There are more than 50 species of rattan known. But we only use several of them to make wicker baskets. We use rattan white kubu. Sometimes it is called kobo or koboo. Rattan white kubu is not white as common people thought, it is yellowish.

Most of our products now using Rattan Grey Kubu. It is a natural process by deeping the white kubu to the pool full of mud for 2-3 weeks. This material are so popular an right now is a common use

Our company mainly be known by the brown rattan called Croco. Our best selling item using this natural brown rattan. It is difficult to find, rare material but it have its own characteristic that make it unique. To maintain this rattan are difficult. It has to be dry well before we delivered

Our products also using another rattan materia called Lacak. Years ago this material are so populer for USA market. The color is gold and it look class.

Rattan Fitrit or Rattan core are the rattan that already peel of. It has no skin. This rattan usually made from rattan kubu or sega. We can make any color using this material because it has better surface to absorb the color.

Beside that, we also use Rattan Slimit, Rattan CL, Semambu

Rattan baskets products in other language

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