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Rattan Wicker bicycle basket – rattan supplies

Hi mate, this is Marsel. We meet again and today I want to post some of our newest wicker bicycle baskets a.k.a bike baskets products.

Wicker bicycle basket supplies made by natural rattan

wicker bike basket

handwoven bicycle basket made from natural rattan

Everyone knows what bike basket is. According to wikipedia.com, A bicycle basket carries is for carrying, usually light, cargo on a bicycle. They are usually used for light shopping duties such as going on daily visits to the shops for fresh bread or milk. Baskets are often mounted on the handlebars and made of traditional basket weaving materials such as wicker and cane or even woven plastic that merely looks like wicker or cane. They can also be made of other materials such as metal mesh.

The description are correct but I should add one more thing that now Bicycle baskets are far more fashionable. We call it Fashion Bicycle Baskets. It is not only for the purpose of it, but also as a producer and supplier we also think about the look of the bicycle baskets.

My company CV.SELOAGRO ( you can see our products in www.selorattan.com/products.html); we are focus making a

bike basket front

rattan wicker bike basket front

bike basket with natural rattan cane material. So it will be a retro style bicycle basket. Our baskets are made by 100% hand woven and finished with a lot of style. You can have a natural color look of rattan which is you can have a grey color rattan look, gold rattan (we call it lacak), natural brown color from croco rattan. OR we can use the color, of course only the main color to make colorful bicycle basket.

Front bicycle baskets
Front bicycle usually mounted on handlebars or metal that attached to the baskets.

Rear bicycle baskets and Pannier baskets

Pannier basket made by rattan

Pannier basket made by rattan


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