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Equipped with wide array of raw materials spread out in numerous sourcing centers, Indonesia has proven to be one of the best rattan basket manufacturers in the world. Aware of this, Marselinus Silimalar founded Seloagro in 2010. Initially, Seloagro started as a purely domestic furniture manufacturer. In 2012, Seloagro received its first order directly from European customer and has been started its own export until now.

Why rattan basketware?
While Indonesian rattan industry was at low point as well as weakening of Rupiah, Seloagro managed to quickly adapt its strategy to the circumstance by grabbing overseas buyers. In the beginning, the company started around six employees, as orders increase and business grow, employees grow quickly up to fifty, and at presence expand even up to hundreds. Seloagro is located in Curug Tangerang, West Java, quite strategic location being near to the harbor and the airport.

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