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The Finished Rattan Material

Please read What is rattan and The processing of rattan cane before go to here.

After they finished the cleaning process, it will go to drying. The drying process can take one week. It depends on weather. There no kill and dry or chamber room for rattan material so it rely on the sun. The green rattan turn to yellowish. 

This is the end of common process. The next process are depend on what kind of rattan. The process for rattan kubu are different with croco,lacak or rattan cl.

I will continue with rattan kubu. Rattan kubu,sega (sega putih,sega air),rotan taman,rotan lunti/runti,escot,tiger all of them are slightly different but same in the process.

After drying process, rattan will be separate by thickness. Then directly to be band in a bundle. Bundle are varies usually from 40-70kgs per bundle.

All bundle will be piled up in one place then cover it with plastic sheet or tarpaulin.They use sulfur. There are two reason smoked with sulfur; first for coloring purpose. Sulfur can make all cane look similar in color, yellowish or we usually call it white (white kubu). The second, the sulfur can protect the water inside the cane. This is a controversial as I said before. It is good for the supplier to have a heavy bundle, they can make more money for doing this. I knew some others supplier not using sulfur, they just do in traditional way but it takes time, you have to wait almost two weeks to get the same color just by covered the rattan with tarpaulin. But the quality are better compare to the “fastest” way with sulfur.

Once all done, the material will store in the warehouse and ready to be delivered to customers. Customer can be another supplier who act like a store who selling the material but also can be end user which is the company who use the rattan to make furniture or handicraft.