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Rattan Wicker Basket 2018

Rattan Wicker Basket 2018

Rattan New Color Innovation

Red maroon rattan wicker baskets are made from natural rattan material. I need to say it again, it is made from NATURAL RATTAN MATERIAL. What happened to black rattan was a lot of people think that it is plastic or synthetic material. That is why I need to highlight.

It took about four years to develop red maroon rattan and three years for brown and black color rattan. Today, I am very proud to introduce red maroon rattan as our new color innovation. I believe that SeloAgro is the first company to make red maroon color in rattan kubu using only natural process. No spray painting needed.

I saw other company also try to make black color rattan. But it is failed. The color easy to come off and your hand will dirty when rubbed.

Unique Weaving Style

On this year, 2018 we are also bring some new weaving style and also new design. Most of our products now are for planter. It comes from Rattan garden baskets, wicker flower baskets, hanging baskets, wall basket also some storage, laundry basket, hampers and log baskets.

All comes with new color, unique weaving styles, some new combination and new design.

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