Rattan Wicker Basket 2018


Rattan New Color Innovation Red maroon rattan wicker baskets are made from natural rattan material. I need to say it again, it is made from NATURAL RATTAN MATERIAL. What happened to black rattan was a lot of people think that it is plastic or synthetic material. That is why I need to highlight. It took about Read more about RATTAN WICKER BASKETS RED MAROON[…]

rattan indonesia

Rattan Indonesia in AMBIENTE 2017

Rattan Indonesia has been known for years especially at big exhibition like Ambiente. Most visitor will go directly to Hall 10 to visit some of Indonesia products from rattan, wood, metal or else. Hall 10 are known as sourcing hall. There are some countries on Hall 10, but mostly coming from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh or Read more about Rattan Indonesia in AMBIENTE 2017[…]

Black rattan

Introducing The BLACK RATTAN, a New Invention

It took 3 years to develop. Through up and down. Testing and failed. Sometimes injured myself. But all are worth it. As an Owner of company who loved to develop and make new things, my thought for our new color will be a game changing. We have seen many natural colors come from process the Read more about Introducing The BLACK RATTAN, a New Invention[…]


Bike Basket | Fahrradkorb | Fietsmand | Vélo Panier

On February 2016, I spent some days to travel to Europe after finish the AMBIENTE Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. One of my goal is to find out our basket – Seloagro basket that has been used by anyone on the street. It was challenging when I put the goal to myself because you know SeloAgro Read more about Bike Basket | Fahrradkorb | Fietsmand | Vélo Panier[…]

rattan grey kubu
Traditional process without sulfur smokes. Look similar but takes time

The Finished Rattan Material

Please read What is rattan and The processing of rattan cane before go to here. After they finished the cleaning process, it will go to drying. The drying process can take one week. It depends on weather. There no kill and dry or chamber room for rattan material so it rely on the sun. The green Read more about The Finished Rattan Material[…]

The processing of rattan cane – Proses awal rotan batangan

You need to read the first part before read this post. Rattan that has taken from forest will be selling by farmers to The Collector. They are the second part of the looong tail of rattan industries. There are small collector and also the big collector. The difference is just big collector have the place Read more about The processing of rattan cane – Proses awal rotan batangan[…]

Rattan tree - Pohon rotan

What is RATTAN ? The Beginning of Rattan Need To Know

Many people I met in exhibition always asking me about rattan – what is rattan ? Sometimes this question coming from my friend or people who already in touch with this kind of material everyday and for a long time. They even did not know about the rattan it self. So do I, it take 3 Read more about What is RATTAN ? The Beginning of Rattan Need To Know[…]

Seloagro are report by Hinrich Foundation

SeloAgro are covered by Hinrich Foundation

Prologue Equipped with wide array of raw materials spread out in numerous sourcing centers, Indonesia has proven to be one of the best rattan basket manufacturers in the world. Aware of this, Marselinus Silimalar founded Seloagro in 2010. Initially, Seloagro started as a purely domestic furniture manufacturer. In 2012, Seloagro received its first order directly Read more about SeloAgro are covered by Hinrich Foundation[…]

Rattan synthetic furniture

Jual kursi rotan sintetis – jual furniture rotan sintetis

Selorattan.com berafiliasi dengan selohome.com memproduksi dan menjual kursi rotan sintetis berbagai macam dan ukuran dengan kualitas standard dan premium. Miladia Brown & Miladia White adalah kursi rotan model gentong dari bahan rotan sintetis atau rotan plastik. Satu set Miladia terdiri dari 2 kursi single dan 1 meja dan sudah dilengkapi dengan kaca bening. Silahkan klik Read more about Jual kursi rotan sintetis – jual furniture rotan sintetis[…]