Traditional process without sulfur smokes. Look similar but takes time

The Finished Rattan Material

Please read What is rattan and The processing of rattan cane before go to here. After they finished the cleaning process, it will go to drying. The drying process can take one week. It depends on weather. There no kill and dry or chamber room for rattan material so it rely on the sun. The green Read more about The Finished Rattan Material[…]

Rattan tree - Pohon rotan

What is RATTAN ? The Beginning of Rattan Need To Know

Many people I met in exhibition always asking me about rattan – what is rattan ? Sometimes this question coming from my friend or people who already in touch with this kind of material everyday and for a long time. They even did not know about the rattan it self. So do I, it take 3 Read more about What is RATTAN ? The Beginning of Rattan Need To Know[…]