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Wicker storage baskets wholesale – rattan baskets supplies

The short story of wicker works

There are some natural material that can be used to make wicker baskets. Commonly, willow is the most know as wicker or woven material. Especially in Europe, China and USA. Some of Mexican also using willow.

We don’t have willow in Indonesia. We only have rattan. There are roughly estimates 600 rattan species in the world. 70% of rattan in entire world supply by Indonesia. This means that wicker work in Indonesia using rattan material are the most high and common.

Wicker storage baskets

Wicker storage baskets made by rattan is the most products that searched by people. Basket storage can be used for many purpose like for tray baskets, magazine rack, laundry baskets,hampers or gift basket,dry waste bin, book storage, decorative baskets, hanging baskets, fruits baskets, flowers baskets, garden baskets and many more.

Right now our storage rattan baskets was made only by natural rattan. We are concern about eco-green campaign. Natural rattan products will have slightly different color for each item.  It is show the uniquest of every basket.  Also, because this is a wicker work product that made by hand woven, each basket will have slightly different size. But, as a rattan basket maker, we very concern on making the best products.

Decorative Baskets

Unique Living room with rattan wicker baskets

Unique Living room with rattan wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are more than just a storage baskets. Wicker basket can be used also for decorative purpose. You can add Rattan basket to the living room or any space in your home, put some accessories to make a unique view.

Wholesale wicker basket

To find the products, you can follow the link Rattan wicker basket storage wholesale. We are open for custom made storage baskets. If you want to know more about rattan baskets, please contact me by email selsilimalar@gmail.com or visit our company website www.seloagro.com

Our products now has been marketed in Europe and parts of States. Find our products : rattan basket wholesale in UK, rattan basket wholesale in USA