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Rattan wicker kubu – kobo – kooboo and Rattan Fitrit or Rattan Core

Rattan grey kubu - kobo - kooboo baskets

Rattan grey kubu – kobo – kooboo baskets

Basket,furniture or rattan accessories made from rattan wicker kubu or kobo or kooboo are the most selling item for some years. That is why rattan grey kubu are so popular. Before we go further, we need to clarify the actual name, how to spell in the right way.

Rattan Kubu or Rattan Kobo or Rattan Koboo or Rattan Kooboo

The good news is they are all correct. It is depend on what you think it is right 🙂 For

Traditional process without sulfur smokes. Look similar but takes time

Material rattan kubu-kobo-kooboo

Indonesian people we spell “u” with “uuu” while people that use English will sounds like  “you”. So for me, we just write it kubu. In other hand if you often use English you can type Kobo or Koboo or Kooboo. For all my buyer, I always type it with “kubu”. The only reason is it come from Indonesia.

A Brief Description of Rattan Kubu

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In those three articles I explain how the rattan is taken from forest, the process and become the finished material.

rattan white kubu

rattan white kubu basket

Rattan kooboo are from Borneo, Kalimantan island. This material have several names like sega,lunti or runti. In Sumatera they have their own rattan sega which is devided with white sega (sega putih) and wet sega (sega air). Some area in Borneo they called it rotan taman only to highlight that rotan taman is more flexible or easy to bend. Rotan taman usually know as Kubu Soft. So, kubu itself have a lot of names, sometimes it make us confuse.

If you want to buy rattan kubu, do not go to Sumatera because they don’t have similar rattan kubu as in Borneo. As I said before, in Sumatera they call it Sega. Sumatera Sega are too strong, not flexible to make baskets. But, Sega are so good to make rattan fitrit. Hmm.. another rattan name 🙂 Don’t worry….

rattan fitrit basket

rattan fitrit basket

Rattan fitrit

Rattan fitrit is rattan kubu or sega or else that already peel off with machine or manual with small knife. Sometimes it call “rattan hati” means the heart of rattan. This rattan have no skin so it become easy to bend and more flexible. The good things from rattan fitrit are you can make any color with this material. The surface are easy to absorb the color like wood. Back to the topic, Sega from Sumatera are more stronger to make rattan fitrit compare to Kubu Kalimantan.

But sometimes it depend on the taste. If you want light basket, better use fitrit from Kalimantan because Sumatera have more weight. The color also a bit different. Borneo fitrit are more white and clean.

Rattan kooboo are common known in grey color. A lot of people especially non Asian did not know that the actual color of grey kubu is white or yellowish. I will explain latter on next article how to make rattan white kubu become rattan grey kubu.

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