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Introducing The BLACK RATTAN, a New Invention

It took 3 years to develop. Through up and down. Testing and failed. Sometimes injured myself. But all are worth it. As an Owner of company who loved to develop and make new things, my thought for our new color will be a game changing. We have seen many natural colors come from process the rattan.

Black rattan

Black rattan

Rattan kubu, from white natural color can change to grey color. This natural process for grey color are the “very most common” used and still be use for coming years. It has a vintage look but also “green”.

Black rattan is a new thing. We did the natural process  that change the color to become black. I can not explain much about the process because it is a secret 🙂

We will bring Black Rattan to Ambiente. So please join me at Ambiente in Frankfurt on 09-14 February 2017

You can see (mostly) flower and garden basket products. Like pots, hanging baskets, log baskets, garden basket. We also produce storage, laundry baskets, bicycle basket with this black material.