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Rattan Indonesia in AMBIENTE 2017

rattan indonesia

rattan indonesia at ambiente 2017

Rattan Indonesia has been known for years especially at big exhibition like Ambiente. Most visitor will go directly to Hall 10 to visit some of Indonesia products from rattan, wood, metal or else. Hall 10 are known as sourcing hall. There are some countries on Hall 10, but mostly coming from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh or China. But some of Eastern Europe company who focusing on production of craft also have booth in hall 10.

If we are talking about rattan in Ambiente, we did not see a lot of furniture, most are selling rattan baskets or accessories. You can figure out about 10 companies in rattan who exhibit in Ambiente one of them are CV.SELOAGRO. But this will go less time to time because the digital disruption. It easy for buyers to see on internet and then compare it with other supplier or factory.

Most company from Indonesia who bring Rattan Indonesia or we called it Rotan in Bahasa; only show material like grey kubu. This item already in most people mind because they are become common. Sometimes, if they asked about Rotan Indonesia or Rattan factory Indonesia, the word rattan or rotan will associate with grey kubu. Ok, some times we write it kobo, koboo, kubu or kooboo.

Many buyers or visitors did not know that there are a lot of kind of Rattan Indonesia. Be side rattan kubu grey, we also have lacak, croco or we call it sarang buaya. We also have sega, slimit, pulut merah etc.

CV.SELOAGRO bring a new kind of rattan kubu. We bring rattan black kubu which is it become the first time people see. It is also the first time we bring black rattan for big exhibition like Ambiente. A lot of buyers still confuse about black rattan. Most of them think that this is plastic or synthetic rattan.

So, this exhibition are become a show to introduce new Rattan Indonesia from kubu which we called it noir or black rattan kubu. I use most time on this exhibition to explain to a lot of new buyers so they can understand about rattan black kubu.

I already wrote a little bit about black rattan kubu that you can read from this link ⇒ rattan black kubu – noir baskets

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We are also bring some new design, new color, new weaving technique on Ambiente 2017 that I will explain on next post.