June 2, 2009

Rattan Baskets

Our products range:

Rattan wicker laundry baskets, Rattan wicker hampers, rattan hampers, rattan storage baskets,wicker laundry baskets,wicker storage, Rattan kubu laundry,kubu baskets, Storage kubu,kobo basket,grey kubu rattan basket, trunk, small laundry basket, laundry basket large,laundry basket with linen,square storage,oval laundry basket,square hampers,round hampers, round wicker basket,classic wicker basket,classic trunk,classic laundry basket,picnic basket,rattan picnic basket, wicker picnic basket,wine basket,wine bottle wicker,rattan wine basket,wine basket with handle,Laundry basket with lid,Rattan bicycle baskets,Wicker bike basket,White wicker bike basket, handmade rattan basket, handmade wicker basket, wicker rear bike basket,front bicycle basket,pannier basket,flowers baskets,planter, basket for plant, garden basket, large garden basket,basket with lid,basket with cover,cane basket, big cane basket,rattan cl,big garden basket,poetry,pot,hanging baskets,tray baskets,tapered baskets,potato baskets,picnic baskets,classic rattan wicker basket,cheap rattan wicker baskets,vintage trunk baskets,

Please check our product in official website www.seloagro.com and www.selorattan.com

  • Send to seloagro@gmail.com or
  • check seloagro.com or selorattan.com
  • Minimal order 20 pieces per item for local
  • Minimal order for export 1x20ft container (mix items)


rattan basket indonesia

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